About Alba Jobs

Say hello to Alba Jobs, your modern gateway to career progression and talent discovery. We're a bit different from your average recruitment company. Our name, Alba, symbolizes the dawn of new professional possibilities, and that's precisely what we offer.

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Our Approach

At Alba Jobs, we prioritize a holistic approach to recruitment. We understand that a candidate’s potential cannot be fully captured in a resume, nor can a company’s ethos be entirely understood through a job description. We take the time to delve into the nuances, ensuring we grasp both the explicit and the subtle factors that contribute to the perfect match.

A Different Kind of Recruitment

What sets Alba Jobs apart is our commitment to a comprehensive assessment of both candidates and employers. We believe in the power of fit beyond just the CV or the job posting. By truly understanding a candidate's potential and an employer's vision, we ensure that talent meets opportunity in a meaningful way. It's not just about finding a job or filling a vacancy; it's about creating synergies that empower people and businesses to thrive. With Alba Jobs, you don't just get a recruitment agency, you get a dedicated partner committed to making the right match the first time around.

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Personal Coach

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Exclusive Offers

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Well-being at work is our priority

At Alba Jobs, we recognize the significance of well-being in the workplace. We believe that a healthy, positive work environment not only boosts productivity but also fosters creativity, engagement, and satisfaction among employees. We advocate for work-life balance, mental health support, and a culture of inclusivity and respect in all the placements we facilitate.

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Our amazing team

Our team? We're a blend of seasoned recruitment experts with a contemporary mindset. We're all about results, but we also value the human connection in the process. Whether you're a candidate ready for a career leap or an employer on the lookout for your next standout team member, Alba Jobs is your trusted ally. Let's redefine your career narrative or team dynamics together.

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Personal Advisor
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Personal Advisor

Our Heritage - The Alba Legacy

Alba Jobs may be the newest addition to our portfolio, but our foundation is solidly built on years of trusted service and customer satisfaction. Our journey began with Alba Cars, a high-quality used car showroom. We then expanded our horizons with Alba Homes, a bespoke real estate brokerage. RAVO, our customer-to-customer platform, joined next, marking our entry into the digital sphere. Each venture has deepened our expertise in connecting individuals with what they need most. Now, with Alba Jobs, we bring this wealth of matchmaking experience to the recruitment industry, embodying the spirit of service, quality, and innovation that defines our legacy.

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2015 - ALBA CARS

Revving up the Alba journey with premium used car solutions.

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2020 - RAVO

Turning aspirations into addresses with our real estate brokerage.

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Bridging connections digitally with our customer-to-customer platform.

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2023 - ALBA JOBS

Bringing our match-making legacy to recruitment, revolutionizing career journeys.

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